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Young People

 “I account my successful interview down to my session with you, so thank you! They said I was very cool, calm and collected, which is a miracle!”     Nina de Pass, 23 years old


Business leaders often tell us how concerned they are about the lack of good communication skills among their new recruits – even highly qualified graduates.

Which is why we’re working increasingly with young people.

We help them to articulate what motivates them, to explain who they are and what they believe, and deliver their message in a way that creates an emotional connection with their audience.

Developed in cooperation with leading businesses and educationalists, our individual coaching for young people introduces them to the foundations of confident communication – essential life skills required to help them prepare for their future working lives. 

Charities and not-for-profit organisations

It’s important to us at AGL that we work with disadvantaged young people. We support a select number of charities and not- for- profit organisations helping their clients to develop confident verbal communication skills, most often in the context of preparing for interviews and independent living. At the moment, our work focuses on Greater London.