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Daring leaders speak from the heart: Churchill, climate change, and the sleeping hero

By Philip Woodford, coach and consultant Do you scare your audience witless with potential threats or offer them hope which might just encourage their participation in creating a brighter future? That’s the dilemma for many wrestling with how best to get across the climate change message, and it was mine in writing and performing a show […]

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  • Walking the Uncomfortable Path of Vulnerability

      By Joanna Mollo, Senior Coach It’s been just over a month since our talented and complex founder, Anthony Gordon Lennox, died. As we come to terms with life without him, my fellow communication coaches and I at AGL have been asking ourselves: how can we honour him through our work? How can we build […]

    27 November 2017
  • Pinocchio and the Great Echo Chamber: our appetite for the straightforward in a world of Facebook, Trump and Weinstein

    There are four film versions of Pinocchio currently in pre-production. Four. I was about to say that’s more Pinocchios than there are Die Hards, but Google tells me that Die Hard Six (The Sweatiest Vest Yet) is already under way, so Bruce’s acting looks set to trounce that of a wooden puppet after all. But […]

    17 November 2017
  • Stories change us, and scientists are starting to understand why…

    Long ones. Short ones. Hidden ones… We know series work hard and achieve a lot in communication. Here’s some of the science that tells us why. Making sense of ourselves and each other It seems we are hard-wired to be drawn to stories – particularly stories about people. This suggests they play an important evolutionary […]

    26 October 2017
  • Poor Theresa May. She literally choked, didn’t she?

    By Dan Leatherdale Theresa May’s conference speech needed to achieve so much, but the unhappy headlines were being written long before the set started to collapse. At AGL, we have a lot of sympathy for her. Sometimes things go wrong, and, when the stakes are high, it can feel appallingly lonely to shift, under the […]

    6 October 2017
  • Listen with humility: loneliness and nuance in the land of the iron Tweet

    By Dan Leatherdale, Chief Executive   “Twitter will leave [the] young illiterate” pronounced a doom-laden Times headline recently. In the article, the brilliant novelist Howard Jacobson returns to familiar ground, correlating high levels of Twitteracy with low levels of literacy and berating social media for driving wedges between us. So far so…meh. Now it’s not […]

    22 August 2017