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Our new academic partner: balancing art and science

30 July 2017

At AGL, we believe in the power of art + science. You can see this in the diversity of our team, with backgrounds in academia, journalism, television, finance, psychology, the law, management consultancy, writing, marketing and the performing arts.

We combine our professional training with a an evidence-based methodology and a deep curiosity about human beings – what makes us tick and why we make the choices we do in our daily lives.

So we are very proud to share the news that we have a new academic partner on the team – Dr Paul Redford of the University of the West of England.

Paul has many letters after his name – BA (Hons), MSc, DPhil, CPsychol, MABP – but, most importantly, he is a spirited psychologist with a deep interest in the ups and downs of organisational life.

He is also a strong advocate of evidence-based practice, as articulated by the Centre for Evidence-Based Management ( This is all about making decisions based on all the available evidence rather than by listening to the loudest voices or the most compelling fads (or our own cognitive biases).

We will share resources and insights with Paul and will work with the students on his courses as we diagnose organisational issues, devise solutions and estimate the contribution our work has on the achievement of goals and objectives.

Paul’s job will be to help us get the balance right between art and science as we look to help our clients address the challenges of leadership and change. We are delighted to have him on board.