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  • Our new academic partner: balancing art and science

    At AGL, we believe in the power of art + science. You can see this in the diversity of our team, with backgrounds in academia, journalism, television, finance, psychology, the law, management consultancy, writing, marketing and the performing arts. We combine our professional training with a an evidence-based methodology and a deep curiosity about human beings […]

    30 July 2017
  • Our work: featured in Tatler

    When Tatler wanted to write a piece about the joy and the trepidation of public speaking, we were their first port of call. We are delighted to share with you a sneak preview of Gavanndra Hodge’s reflections following her sessions with one of our senior coaches, Christianne Davies. You can download the pdf here – it […]

    6 May 2017
  • Saying what we mean: the second level of authenticity

    By Dan Leatherdale, Partner In our last blog on the AGL authenticity model, we ran naked in the rain to remember what it’s like to be vulnerable and self-aware. Now it’s time to put our clothes back on as we tackle the issue of incongruence. Incongruence is the complicated word for a simple concept. It […]

    29 April 2015
  • Navigating the ravine: the perils of confirmation bias

    Psychologists have identified the name of the black hole down which we pointlessly fling the majority of our communication: it’s called confirmation bias. This ravine has been known to divide the House of Commons like the rift in a tectonic plate, making attempts at true debate an unhappy business. And, as we approach a general […]

    13 March 2015
  • All naked and confused: the problem of self-awareness

    In this second piece on AGL’s authenticity model we look at the first level: self-awareness – what we really stand for, what we really think and feel, and what we really want to say Authenticity begins with self-understanding – which sounds simple, but can be hard, like dancing with wolves or synchronised swimming. It’s a […]

    18 February 2015