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  • Authenticity and the political interview

    Is the political interview dead? Why do we so rarely hear politicians being candid or engaging? Newsnight editor Ian Katz writers powerfully in the Financial Times on updating the contract between journalists and politicians, and making the political interview ‘a more illuminating and rewarding form, a source of light as well as heat.’ Ian Katz, ‘The […]

    2 October 2014
  • Team London Volunteering Launch

    AGL at Team London Volunteering Launch with the Mayor of London  

    7 July 2014
  • Volunteering: the answer to youth unemployment?

    The Daily Telegraph: Volunteering: the answer to youth unemployment? 4th June 2014 Q: How does Zak, a bright 17-year-old from Hackney, get on the jobs’ ladder? He can’t find work because he lacks experience. He is unable to gain experience because he cannot find work. A: Zak should join a rapidly expanding social network called […]

    27 June 2014
  • AGL. & London Mayor team up to give young Londoners a head start

    Communication coaching specialist AGL Communications is teaming up with the Mayor of London to give London’s young people a head start in their careers through an exclusive communication coaching programme at the heart of the Mayor’s HeadStart London campaign.

    3 June 2014
  • The EU Debate

    We thought that it would be interesting to take a look at the second EU debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, giving our thoughts about the two men’s style, delivery and their authenticity. Then we saw that Toby Young had beaten us to it! Follow this link to read Toby’s excellent analysis of the […]

    4 April 2014