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  • Tony Benn – as authentic as they come

    “If you say what you believe and believe what you say, that’s the test of authenticity.” With the passing of Tony Benn this morning, British politics grew a little dimmer.  Many will have differed with him politically, but few would disagree that this was a man who would stop at nothing to have his say. […]

    14 March 2014
  • 21 January 2014
  • Lessons From The Boardroom

    Are our young people really ready for business?

    Young people’s careers are being put at risk by a lack of face-to-face communication skills and an overdependence on digital communication, according to a survey of Britain’s business leaders, who call on schools to prioritise the development of these skills.

    3 December 2013
  • In praise of the incomplete leader

    What makes a great leader? Faced with today’s bewildering array of social, political and economic challenges, it can be comforting to imagine that all our problems could be solved if only the right person were in charge: a decision-maker with resolve of Winston Churchill, the financial acumen of Warren Buffett, the moral conviction of Martin Luther King and the tactical cunning of Alex Ferguson.

    16 November 2013
  • Dancing in the Rain

    ‘The Digital Revolution.’ We talk about it as if it’s happened, as if we’re close to finding a period of calm at last: but even in a period of exponential change such as we live in now, why should we imagine we have seen more than just the start?

    12 November 2013