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AGL was founded over ten years ago by a remarkable man: Anthony Gordon Lennox, known to many as Ant.

Before AGL, he had worked in television – on Question Time with David Dimbleby – and in politics with the likes of William Hague and David Cameron. It was Ant who came up with the best-remembered line in David Cameron’s famous speech-without-notes at the 2007 Conservative Party conference: …it might be a bit messy; but it will be me.

It was during his period in television, that Ant came to realise how difficult business leaders found it to communicate authentically.

He set up AGL to help them: to help them work out who they really were and what they really stood for; to help them personalise, humanise and dramatise their communication; and to help them become better, more thoughtful and more inspirational leaders.

In the course of his career in television and politics, Ant worked with many master communicators; but it was actually his work with business people and other non-professional communicators that he found the most rewarding.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday, 7th October, after a short illness, Ant unexpectedly died.

We miss him greatly; and always will.

His clients miss him, too; many very deeply.

They miss him with good reason: he didn’t simply touch many of their lives; he changed them.

Ant’s work, however, will continue.

The team at AGL believes in the power of authenticity just as he did; and with the same degree of conviction.

And the company he founded, daily inspired and to which he gave his boundless energy, good humour and creativity will outlive him.